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Operation philosophy: technology-based and leading development; Quality philosophy: professionalism and Excellence Management philosophy: follow rules, advocate good mannersand make best use of talents; Service philosophy: wholehearted and considerate, happy and timely Company culture: honest and pragmatic, innovation and endeavor; Company pursuit: customer value maximization Company objective: develop by morality, target green water and blue sky; build magnificent blueprint, create excellent future.
Company vision: Deland has strengthened team construction constantly, improved the company management, enhanced technical R & D, innovated product and service, and carried out the globalized market exploitation steps so as to expand the development of the company.
Based on energy development service and energy exploitation, Deland sticks to provide better solutions and services as to the oilfield development and carry out all-around project service.
1. Color: yellow represents brightness and refulgence, blue symbolizes eternalness and emphasizes the company image of technology and efficiency.
2. Lotus: it implies the noble and moral conduct of the company. White lotus corresponds with yellow lotus, which symbolizes the youth and vigor in the company.
3. Character: white” Deland” is on the water wave, which indicates that the company is involved in water industry, while the yellow” Deland” implies that the company engages in energy industry.
4. Water wave: the clear water world indicates that Deland wants to create the harmony between human and the nature.
5. The whole: with green water and blue sky as the concept, the round appearance of the logo represents the unity of individual value, company value, customer value and social value.
Founded in 2008, CPC General Branch of Xinjiang Deland Co., Ltd has always focused on the Party building. For a long time, the company leaders have attached great importance to strengthening the Party's organization construction, accumulating great experience in the work of Party building with characteristics of Deland. Centering on the enterprise reform and business operation, the company takes guaranteeing and promoting enterprise reform, development and stability as the starting point and ending point of the work of Party building, and checks the results of Party building according to the effectiveness of enterprise reform, development and stability. The work of the branch includes persisting in reform and innovation, enhancing vitality and vigor of the Party's organization, seeking to strengthen in improvement and pursuing development in innovation, constantly exploring institutional mechanism for Party building in the enterprise, constantly advancing scientific, institutionalized, standardized construction of the Party’s organization, making efforts to enhance creativity, rallying power and combat effectiveness of the Party’s organization, insisting on cooperation between Party, government organizations, trade unions and youth league committees to form working resultant force, so as to ensure effective implementation of Party building in the enterprise, bring the political core role and fighting bastion role of the Party’s organization into full play, and bring the demonstration role and pioneering role of members of CPC into full play, thus providing strong ideological, political and institutional guarantees for sound and fast development of the enterprise.
Trade Union Work Commission of Xinjiang Deland Co., Ltd carries out work independently in accordance with Trade Union Law and Constitution of the Chinese Trade Unions, its work includes mobilizing and organizing staffs to get involved in the reform, production and management of the enterprise, representing and organizing staffs to participate in democratic management; carrying out democratic supervision over duty performance of the company leaders and managerial forces; teaching staffs to constantly improve their moral, scientific and cultural qualities, to build a “four-have” workforce; safeguarding staffs’ legitimate rights and interests; selection, recommendation, review and commendation of model workers and model deeds, as well as other work.


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